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25 May

The Reconciliation Bill is the Tunisian Government’s Failure to Fight Corruption

It has been almost two years since the Manish Msemah (I will Not Forgive) campaign took to the streets to protest what is known today in Tunisia as an example of the government’s failure to stand against corruption.  This example is displayed in the “Reconciliation Bill”, a bill that has ignited criticism and protests ever […]

12 Apr

Daily Corruption: News Feed & Database project

The Daily Corruption: News Feed & Database project is an effort to build a constantly updated web database of corruption and anti-corruption news from countries around the world. It involves the indexing, quantification, and statistical analysis of daily national news as inputted into the system by local partners, and monitored by international experts to ensure […]

21 Mar

Why the European Union Matters!

On the second anniversary of Anti Corruption International, two of the primary founders of the organisation were in a windy Brussels campaigning. They were seeking to advance the discussion on the relevance of combatting corruption for the European Union, an area which even this year has seen its setbacks. The very disappointing step not to […]