Widespread protest marches took place against corruption in South Africa

Trade union confederation says time has come for ‘workers and voters to stand up and block ‘this rot’.

Thousands of workers marched in cities across South Africa to stand up against state capture and corruption.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), say the strike on Wednesday is basically a protest against endemic corruption in South Africa. Many, however seen this more broadly as a protest against the presidency of Jacob Zuma, who has been mired in a number of corruption scandals.

Many protesters carried signs campaigning against Jacob Zuma such as the common rallying call heard at many South African protests ‘Zuma Must Fall’.

There have been many calls for Zuma to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate claims of state capture within South Africa.

The protests have been led by the South African Trade Union Confederation as a way for workers and citizens to push back against ‘this rot’ and to take a stand against the endemic corruption within the state.  

There are concerns within Zuma’s party that he is allowing the Gupta family to ‘capture the state’ and is enabling corruption in South Africa.

In August of this year, Jacob Zuma very closely survived a no-confidence vote within South Africa’s parliament. Members of the 400-seat parliament voted, 198 to 177 with 9 abstentions.

It seems likely that widespread protests against corruption will continue in South Africa over the coming weeks and months and that many of these will continue to take aim at the Presidency of Jacob Zuma.

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