Today, we write history!

March 20th is the day when it all begins. We present the world with an ambitious yet life-changing project! Come joins us throughout the day and help us start writing history! You can follow our updates on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

Corruption is an infectious weakness abundant all over the globe and with the launch of ACI we’re going to put a brake on it by bringing together people from every nationality with one common goal. This shall be our way to a cure!

The idea of having a group of international youth create a project with this magnitude is unbelievably amazing which clearly says that there is a cry for change. Hence ACI has set up to achieve this! This day is just the first of many days to come where an intense battle will be put upon those who pact with these vicious practises. In order to be successful, we need as many of you fighting with us as possible. We’ve created several campaigns so that you can be a part of this experience!

Today, we kick-off with multiple hashtags that can be used to ensure the spread of ideas. Further to this we want to hear your story about corruption! Following that you can look forward to our thunderclap campaign, followed by the official launch of ACI. You can also expect to participate in live discussions about our mission with the president and board members through our Twitter feed. You should not to miss this!

We welcome you to ACI, so we encourage you to be active in this global movement. It is but the start and we have an exciting way forward.

Here’s a quick line-up of the events for the 20th of March:

  • 12.00 GMT: Social Media accounts; Global hashtags #CheckInAgainstCorruption, #ACI
  • 12.00 GMT: Check-In Campaign (Youtube channel)
  • 12.00 GMT: Corruption-Detected Campaign #CorruptionDetected
  • 12.30 GMT: Thunderclap Campaign
  • 13.00 GMT: Official Launch by the President of ACI, Jay Deegan
  • 13.30 GMT – open end: Twitter discussion with ACI President and Board Members Use; @AskACI + YOUR QUESTION + @jason_deegan / @sirfaindy/ @edgaras_katinas

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