So we’ve launched.. what’s next?

Anti Corruption International Work
The Begining 

With Anti-Corruption International officially launched, we now begin our real work. Building an organization that is ready and willing to take the fight to the corrupt.  In a relatively short period of time what has been achieved is nothing short of mind-blowing. What we can achieve going forward is over to you – our new and old members alike. This is a fight where we stand shoulder to shoulder with and move forward together as one. Read here to find out more about our Anti Corruption International Work

As an organization we refuse to be limited by our international character. Indeed we intend to use it as one of our greatest strengths. We will utilize technology to bring together people from around the world to discuss and support each other in the fight against corruption. Take for example an event we have planned, our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is set for mid-April. We intend to use digital technology to ensure that every member has an equal voice in deciding which direction the organization goes, and in voting for the president who will lead the organisation for the next year, as well as the secretary and the international board.

Where we go from here

Apart from what is predominantly focused on what is happening within the organization, we plan on developing an Anti-Corruption Youth Day which would a way for ACI to celebrate all the hard work of young global activists in the fight against corruption. We also intend to develop our local groups around the world and want to be represented within all major universities. Our goal is to get started on all these initiatives at the soonest possible time and this is where you can come in and help us in terms of skills and resources.

So now that ACI is out there, come join us in the fight against corruption. After all, anti-corruption starts with YOUth.

Contributed by: Jason Deegan, ACI President

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