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Anti Corruption International expresses disappointment in European Commission’s failure to release Anti Corruption Report

Following months of campaigning, the European Commission has indicated they will not release the EU wide Anti Corruption Report.


Berlin, Germany: Anti Corruption International, a global youth focused anti-corruption organisation, has expressed their disappointment in the failure of the European commission to release the EU wide Anti Corruption Report. This follows a 5 month long #ReleaseTheReport campaign. The Anti Corruption Report, served as a signal to the seriousness in which the Commission took the issue of corruption and discontinuing it, is a worrying sign of their commitment to the eradication of corruption within the EU.  


Speaking on the matter today, Anti Corruption International President Jason Deegan said “While there continues to be some positive steps coming from the commission in terms of the fight against corruption, we believe that discontinuing the biennial Anti Corruption Report, signals a much bigger move away from the commission’s role in the fight against corruption, and instead places the onus solely on member states – we will continue our campaign for the Anti Corruption Report to be released every two years.”


We believe that with further regressive steps being taken across the world, that the European Commission and more broadly the EU can take a leadership position in the fight against corruption which estimates show that the cost of corruption equals more than 5% of global GDP (US$ 2.6 trillion, World Economic Forum) with over US$ 1 trillion paid in bribes each year (World Bank) but that neglecting to release the anti corruption report, that they are shirking their obligations in the fight against corruption.


Anti Corruption International  is a global youth movement dedicated to fighting corruption, through education, empowerment and engagement. We seek to serve as a platform for young people who aim to make a world free from corruption a reality.

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