29 May

ACI’s Story Reaches the TI Summer School on Integrity

In Vilnius, Lithuania, 120 young individuals from more than 50 countries gathered at the Transparency International Summer School on Integrity (TISI), from 6th-12th of July, to expand their knowledge and expertise on anti-corruption and to add their own perspective on corruption. Three members of Anti-Corruption International, Ania Ankowska (IB Representative for East Europe and Russia), [...]

26 May

AntiCorruption International – Ireland national chapter officially launched

Anti-Corruption International – Ireland national chapter officially launchedOn a truly eventful week in Irish history in relation to a referendum that granted equality to same-sex couples in terms of civil marriage rights, Ireland makes another significant contribution to positive change as it launched the Ireland chapter of Anti-Corruption International (ACI). Attended by some members of [...]

23 May

Anti-Corruption International Holds Its First Annual General Meeting

Anti-Corruption International Holds Its First Annual General MeetingMay 18, 2015 is another momentous date etched in the history of Anti-Corruption International (ACI) as the day it held its first ever Annual General Meeting (AGM). After weeks of preparations including the time allotted for candidacies, campaigns and a 24-hour voting period for the election of a [...]

20 May

ACI Moving Forward

ACI Moving ForwardIt is remarkably overwhelming and inspiring to see how ACI is being well-received and supported on a global scale. In the span of a few days, ACI’s initiative and campaign for the youth-led fight against corruption has reached thousands of people within our network and beyond. As of this writing, we have managed [...]

17 May

So we’ve launched.. what’s next?

So we’ve launched.. what’s next?With Anti-Corruption International officially launched, we now begin our real work – building an organization that is ready and willing to take the fight to the corrupt. What has been achieved in a relatively short period of time is nothing short of mind-blowing but what we can achieve going forward is [...]

14 May

Today, we write history!

Today, we write history!March 20th is the day when it all begins. We present the world with an ambitious yet life-changing project! Come joins us throughout the day and help us start writing history! You can follow our updates on the website, Facebook and Twitter, and should certainly get involved! Corruption is an infectious weakness [...]