AntiCorruption International – Ireland national chapter officially launched

Anticorruption international Ireland

Anti Corruption International Ireland Chapter

Making History

On a truly eventful week in Irish history where a referendum passed which granted equal marriage to same-sex couples, Ireland makes another significant contribution to positive change as it launched the Ireland chapter of Anti-Corruption International (ACI).

Attended by some members of ACI’s international board, namely; Felix Amelung (Head of Treasury), Edgaras Katinas (International Board Member for North America and Western Europe) and Camilla Mear (International Secretary). ACI activists based in Ireland such as Jason Deegan (ACI President) and David Healion (Provisional President – ACI Ireland) were also present. The Irish national chapter was launched on Sunday, 24th of May 2015,  and officially becomes the latest addition to the many other national chapters being formed around the world.

Support from the Irish national chapter’s members poured in. The presence of a panel of special guests made the day more memorable. Brendan O’Rourke and John Hogan of Dublin Institute of Technology spoke extensively on corruption with respect to lobbying legislation. Ways to ensure transparency within the governmental sphere was also discussed. John Devitt, Chief Executive of Transparency International Ireland also graced the event. John offered insights into how corruption has developed in Ireland and how Transparency International has been campaigning against it.

With ACI’s presence in Ireland and the leadership of the Ireland NC, we push forward with our global youth movement against corruption. This is only the beginning. The question is, will you join us? Will you help us ensure that the fight against corruption is not silenced or diminished? Will you help ACI Ireland and the rest of our teams worldwide in exposing the corrupt? There are many ways you can get involved. Join us on our movement for a corruption-free world!


Guests and panel at the ACI Ireland Launch
ACI President Jason Deegan at the ACI Ireland Launch

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