Anti-Corruption International Holds Its First Annual General Meeting

Anti-Corruption International's first Annual General Meeting

May 18, 2015 is another momentous date etched in the history of Anti-Corruption International (ACI) as the day it held its first ever Annual General Meeting (AGM).

After weeks of preparations including the time allotted for candidacies, campaigns and a 24-hour voting period for the election of a new leadership team, ACI members from all over the world gathered together via various virtual channels. The AGM agenda included discussions and motions on the organization’s strategic orientation and the future focus areas in fighting corruption. In addition, one of the most highly anticipated parts of the AGM was the announcement of ACI’s officers and International Board for the 2015/2016 term.

The election supervisors tallied 230 members eligible to vote, of which 40 were also candidates of the foregoing elections. There were 12 different positions opened which included the ACI President, Head of Funding, Head of Treasury, Auditor of Accounts and the representatives of the 8 world regions who were to make up the International Board. The voting polls were closed when the AGM started and the results were announced during the Meeting. Below are the winners of the election for the 2015/2016 term:


ACI's newly elected Officers and International Board members for the 2015-2016 term

ACI’s newly elected Officers and International Board members for the 2015-2016 term

Geographical and time zone differences did not hinder the ACI members’ attendance. The AGM was conducted through different means of connectivity. Such as a live stream broadcast where attendees could follow the messages and presentations delivered by the respective people assigned for such tasks.

During the AGM, then provisional President Jason Deegan introduced the Golden Envelope Prize and explained the proceedings for the motions on the forum. A report on the recently concluded crowdfunding campaign was also presented by Felix Amelung, then Fundraising and Financing Committee Coordinator. The participation of the members in the AGM was also facilitated with an online forum where everybody could share their thoughts in real time. The outcome of ACI’s first AGM was deemed positive as it fulfilled its purpose of allowing everyone to have their voices heard and, more importantly, formally induct the leaders who would run the ACI engine in the coming year.

The AGM also represents a significant milestone and one more step forward for Anti-Corruption International to mobilize on a global scale. By organizing the said event, ACI once again demonstrates its capability and determination towards combating corruption through an international collaboration of passionate empowered youth and like-minded activists.

This is only the beginning of a new chapter for ACI. Members are encouraged to participate in the forums for the aforementioned motions which are open for voting until May 20th. Anyone who wishes to join the fight against corruption is welcome to sign up for membership and take part in the organization’s initiatives.

Contributors: Patricia Rodrigues / Kristina Lazarevic

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