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youth-led fight against corruption
It is remarkably overwhelming and inspiring to see how ACI is being well-received and supported on a global scale. In the span of a few days, ACI’s initiative and campaign for the youth led fight against corruption has reached thousands of people within our network and beyond. As of this writing, we have managed to make ACI known to over 32,000 people on Facebook.

Our Twitter feed is overflowing with support in the form of retweets, favorites and shares. We have gained media attention in Ghana, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Our supporters are sending in and sharing videos of themselves checking-in against corruption. They represent their countries in support of this movement.

The launch and campaign kickoff was  fruitful and encouraging. We see a lot of passion in you, our supporters and contributors. We are proud to know that you are on the same page as we are about the role of ACI in leading this revolutionary call for change. Reflecting on our slogan, Making History on the 20th March.  We marked this day as an important moment in our unity and consolidated efforts in the fight against corruption.

It is evident, through what we’ve accomplished thus far, that people no longer want to live in societies that are corrupt and unaccountable for their actions. This is the beginning of an expectedly long yet hopefully successful journey towards our end goal of eradicating corruption.

We are very grateful for all the support we have received. We promise that we will not rest on our laurels. We are currently registering ACI as a non-profit organization in Norway. The country where the idea was born.  we would hence appeal for your financial support to cover the cost of 2000 EUR for the public launch. This would cover registration fees and the costs of setting up eight regional sections and national branches. We value all your contributions, monetary or in kind, and will do our best to make it worth your taking part.

We continue to make waves with global attention and gain momentum in terms of membership. This does not stop here. Help us make real change by joining Anti-Corruption International today. You can do so by completing the membership form.  Here you will also be providing us with helpful details to recommend your inclusion. This is our way of organizing how we can all contribute to the work of ACI.

Join us and #CheckInAgainstCorruption!

Contributed by: Ania Aniowska

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