23 May

Anti-Corruption International Holds Its First Annual General Meeting

Anti-Corruption International Holds Its First Annual General MeetingMay 18, 2015 is another momentous date etched in the history of Anti-Corruption International (ACI) as the day it held its first ever Annual General Meeting (AGM). After weeks of preparations including the time allotted for candidacies, campaigns and a 24-hour voting period for the election of a [...]

20 May

ACI Moving Forward

ACI Moving ForwardIt is remarkably overwhelming and inspiring to see how ACI is being well-received and supported on a global scale. In the span of a few days, ACI’s initiative and campaign for the youth-led fight against corruption has reached thousands of people within our network and beyond. As of this writing, we have managed [...]

17 May

So we’ve launched.. what’s next?

So we’ve launched.. what’s next?With Anti-Corruption International officially launched, we now begin our real work – building an organization that is ready and willing to take the fight to the corrupt. What has been achieved in a relatively short period of time is nothing short of mind-blowing but what we can achieve going forward is [...]

14 May

Today, we write history!

Today, we write history!March 20th is the day when it all begins. We present the world with an ambitious yet life-changing project! Come joins us throughout the day and help us start writing history! You can follow our updates on the website, Facebook and Twitter, and should certainly get involved! Corruption is an infectious weakness [...]

14 Nov

Think the Internet is a force for good? – Not Always!

  Credit to: Nicholas Sorak  of the University of Gothenburg Back when Google was unrecognizable and when Facebook didn’t exist (or dominate our lives so much) and when coding was mainly just a hobby for enthusiasts – many who were involved in the early stages of the internet were drawn to its unquestionable potential. It […]

26 Oct

Bribe Busters: Educating the Next Generation of Anti-Corruption Leaders

Children are particularly vulnerable to the social and economic consequences of corruption. Bribery can deprive children of access to basic services, including education and healthcare, and can threaten their security. Countries that score highly on corruption indices such as the TRACE Matrix point to a set of societal conditions that place children at a particular […]

5 Oct

Do We Need Democracy To Deal With Corruption?

Credit to: Nan Zhang of the University of Gothenburg Do We Need Democracy To Deal With Corruption? We’ve heard it all before right – a strongman rises to power on claims that they will deal with corruption – that democracy with its flaws leads to the flourishing of corruption, as influence and power can be […]

28 Sep

Widespread protest marches took place against corruption in South Africa

Trade union confederation says time has come for ‘workers and voters to stand up and block ‘this rot’. Thousands of workers marched in cities across South Africa to stand up against state capture and corruption. The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), say the strike on Wednesday is basically a protest against endemic corruption […]

20 Sep

Does Corruption drive more or less people to the ballot box? It’s not that simple.. sadly!

Credit to: Andreas Bågenholm, Stefan Dahlberg & Maria Solevid of the University of Gothenburg It’s been a chaotic year for elections, with the micro-state of Liechtenstein taking us of with their presidential election back on the 5th of February, we’ve so far seen elections within the UK, France &South Korea and will see elections further […]

29 Aug

Having Trouble Removing Corrupt Politicians & Parties? – A Novel Reason May Explain Why.

Credit to: Andreas Bågenholm & Nocholas Charron of the University of Gothenburg We are all too familiar with the situation, a politician is engaged or has been engaged in a corruption scandal and an election is on the horizon – you hope and pray that this is the time for the electorate to teach them a […]