5 Jul

Yes, I Am Corrupt But So Are You

Yes, I am corrupt but so are you! By Maurice Oniang’o. One afternoon last year, police arrested a senior church official from my church for flouting traffic rules. The police officer that arrested him tried to solicit a 500 shillings bribe from him but, being a man of virtue, the deacon refused to give in. He was […]

2 Jul

Tackle Financial Corruption Through Cooperation and Exchange of Information

On December 2007 the Council of the European Union, on initiative of Belgium, Austria and Finland, adopt the Decision 2007/845/JHA concerning the cooperation between Asset Recovery Officies. ACI contributor Vania Puttati looks at what this has meant.  Legal Basis and background The Decision had been adopted on the basis of the Articles 30(1)(a)-(b) and 34(2)(c) […]

29 Jun

”First they came for Assange…”

”First they came for Assange…”The anniversary of Julian Assange’s four years of arbitrary detainment at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London 19.6.2016, Brussels A conference with Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek minister of finance, Srecko Horvat, Croatian philosopher, Julian Assange (from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London) and many others, on the importance on whistleblowers, transparency and democracy. [...]

26 Jun

Why I am leading Anti-IEBC demonstrations.

Why I am leading Anti-IEBC demonstrations.A common misconception our brothers in Jubilee have about democracy is that once people set up institutions, they lose all power over any issues that are meant to be resolved by those institutions. Yet modern progressive constitutions are very clear that the people are the ultimate authority over any institution [...]

23 Jun

Burundu: Corruption And Conflict

Burundi : Corruption and ConflictBurundi is among the smallest economies in the world, recently ranked by the International Monetary Fund as the poorest country in the world. The ongoing political turmoil which was sparked by the decision of the ruling party in April, 2015 to enable the president to seek a contested term has caught [...]

23 Jun

Panama Papers – Experience from the front

Panama Papers- Experience from the frontSo here we are, day 3 of the Panama Papers scandal and its already got its own hashtag (or a number of them) potentially brought down its first government (The dramatic fall from grace of Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, Iceland’s Prime Minister) and has spilled the beans on a host of [...]

19 Jun

Letter to World Leaders to Curb Corruption in Indonesia’s Forestry Sector!

Letter to World Leaders to Curb Corruption in Indonesia’s Forestry Sector!Throughout the last weeks, Anti-Corruption International initiated a campaign to curb corruption in Indonesia’s forestry sector. We composed a letter to the world leaders asking them to pressure the Indonesian Government, mainly because without the illegally issued logging licenses, which accounted to 86% of all [...]

16 Jun

How corruption has negatively affected the development of Malawi

How corruption has negatively affected the development of MalawiIntroduction Corruption is a social evil and it is very bad! It strangles the society, nurtures inequalities and enhances underdevelopment. It is a cancer of development and everybody involved in it is a murderer of the society. Corruption threatens sustainable development, ethical values, and justice and undermines [...]

13 Jun

Local elections in Ukraine, a lesson in corruption.

Local elections in Ukraine, a lesson in corruption. Photo credit: Oleksandra Chernova Iryna Matviyishyn is a journalist and blogger from Lviv, Ukraine. She writes about the recent local elections in Ukraine and how the country still has quite some distance to go before it becomes free from corruption. On 25th October, Ukrainians voted for mayors [...]

10 Jun

#FeesMustFall and corruption in South Africa

#FeesMustFall and corruption in South Africa The brink of a revolution which is now correctly directed! Many were skeptical to join the recent university student action against fee increases in South Africa.  It’s a known yet relatively unpublished fact that annual fee protests especially at a university level are linked to Student Representative Council (SRC) [...]